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REDENGINE LUA EXECUTOR IS FOR Top level gamers FiveM Experts FiveM players

redENGINE is the leading LUA executor for FiveM with superior features like exclusive menus, ImGui, dumper, and a spoofer.

redENGINE Lua Executor


redENGINE was designed based on suggestions from its users, so it offers the most wanted features


redENGINE instantly finds triggers from scripts so you don't have to worry about opening 1000 folders


Free Menus

No need to bother with downloading questionable menus, when you have some free ones right in the package. It is completely designed for newbies.

Visual Editor

redENGINE includes an LUA builder to prevent you from dealing with 3rd party software.

Easy To Use

Since it is designed to be as simple as possible, you will learn redENGINE completely within 2 days at the latest.

Premium Menus

redENGINE comes with many exclusive mod menus like Absolute, Lumia, Cock and FiveSense.

ScriptHook Bypass

redENGINE has a ScriptHook bypass that lets you run ASI menus that are 100% UNDETECTED by any anti-cheat.


Get the right tool for your FiveM experience!



Mentionable users from the redENGINE team!