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redENGINE FiveM Lua Executor


STATUS: 🟢WORKING/SAFE Last Update: 12/02/23

RedENGINE: The ultimate LUA executor for FiveM. Unlock the power of exclusive menus, Dumper, Trigger Server Event Finder, Event Logger, Event Blocker, Aimbot, and ESP features.


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redENGINE FiveM Lua Executor was designed based on suggestions from its users, so it offers the most wanted features.

RedEngine FiveM Executor offers advanced features, user-friendly interface, regular updates, and prioritizes security. It enhances your gaming experience with cheats, game modifications, and customization options. Choose RedEngine for an easy-to-use and up-to-date mod menu.

Easy to Use:

redENGINE FiveM is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to master it within a maximum of two days.

Lua Executor:

Our RedENGINE FiveM Lua Executor includes an isolated resource that creates a new environment for executing scripts, ensuring enhanced safety and making it harder to detect by server anti-cheat systems. The executor can execute Trigger Server Events, run your own scripts, and provide custom menus.


The Dumper feature of RedENGINE allows you to extract the client-side scripts and stream files. You can dump any map, car, or streamed file for further analysis and customization.

Trigger Server Event Finder:

With the Trigger Server Event Finder, you can easily identify the triggers utilized by the server you are currently on, providing valuable insights into its functionalities.

Resource Stopper[OFF]:

Our Resource Stopper feature allows you to halt specific client-side scripts, providing an effective anti-cheat mechanism for your server.

Event Logger & Event Blocker:

The Event Logger keeps track of the triggers you have used, while the Event Blocker enables you to block events such as explosions, enhancing your control over the gameplay experience.

Free Menus:

Enjoy a collection of free menus included in the RedENGINE FiveM package, eliminating the need to download potentially unreliable options. Our free menus are specifically designed to cater to beginners.

Premium Menus (Extra Cost):

Discover a world of advanced features and customization options with RedENGINE premium menus. Explore our exclusive selection, including Nexus, Lumia, Absolute, FiveSense, and ZM, each offering unparalleled functionality and a unique modding experience

Aimbot, ESP & No Recoil:

Gain an advantage in PVP scenarios with our Aimbot and No Recoil features, while the ESP functionality allows you to easily locate and track other players.