RDR2 Fikit MOD


RDR2 FIKIT Menu is currently the best and safest RDR2 menu in the market.
FIKIT menu offering features and enhancement options,
that you will not see in other menu with affordable price range.

Well built menu with great stability.


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Feature-list (Not up-to-date): https://pastebin.com/uwjeYEF7

  • Fitkit RDR2 Online Menu

  • Outfit Editor, Spawner, Vehicles

  • XP Boost, Recoveries

  • Easy to use and features rich, troll, protections

  • Instant Key

    OPEN/HIDE hotkey:
    PC: INSERT Key
    Controller: RB/LB + Right D-PAD


Updates Frequency:

You go the last updated, at any time 24/7 direct from our software, every day we are working to provide new Options!


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